Mustang Region

Mustang Region

15 Days

Mustang Region Trek

Lo’s kingdom is located along the primary commerce route connecting Tibet and India. Traders followed the Kali Gandaki River’s...

Mustang Region is the former Kingdom of Lo, which is situated in Nepal’s north-central Mustang district and borders Tibet. Geographically and culturally, it belongs to the Tibetan plateau. The entire Mustang valley is covered in colorful rock formations with numerous caves and canyons perched high in the cliffs, giving it a desert-like feel.

Strong winds can be heard blowing across the desolate land in the afternoon and dying down at night. Here, one can explore the monasteries from the 16th century that feature unmatched frescoes, Thanka artwork, and the status of enormous deities. The people of Mustang have a history that is very similar to that of the Tibetan people in terms of their ancient culture, language and traditional way of life.


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