Preparing for Everest Base Camp

I am heading to Everest Base Camp on the first departing flight from Kathmandu to Lukla bright and early tomorrow morning. I am so excited to finally see the mountain that I dreamed about climbing as a child and be right next to such a massive mountain range. In all of my travels, I have never seen something as monumental as the Himalayan mountain range. In order to prepare for my trek I went through iTrek’s extensive supply of equipment. Here are the main things on my packing list:

-Sleeping bag

-Fleece (hat, pants, gloves, pullover, neck warmer)… basically a body suit of fleece

-Sturdy hiking boots (mines are Keen hiking boots, which I wrote about earlier and highly recommend)

-crazy huge down/puffy jacket

-warm socks

-day pack


-rain poncho

-rain pants

-long underwear



-flashlight (headlamps are great if possible, so you can read or use the outdoor toilets with more convenience)

-filter water bottle (don’t want to get sick!)


-first aid kit (with medicine for altitude sickness, which can be a big concern at such extreme heights)

-toiletries, book, journal, cards, camera, iPod, phone… and whatever else you fancy!

And I’m ready to start my trek! (Many of these things are available to you through iTrek. For example the map, first aid kit, down jacket, filter water bottle, sleeping bag, and many other necessities. The main supplies you need to bring are hiking boots, headlamps, and a daypack). Mt. Everest, here I come.


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