Making it to Everest Base Camp

I am surprised to be writing this, but my favorite part of the trek to Everest Base Camp was not seeing Everest itself. I went on the trek expecting this to be the most monumental part, but there were so many other parts of the trek that I loved equally. First off, just being in such close proximity to the Himalayas was magical. It would spark a sense of adventure in anyone. I have never seen anything so dramatic in my life. The sheer mass of these snow-covered peaks was really something special.

Another part of the trip that I loved was the friendliness and excitement of all the other trekkers and the two other travelers I was with. Everyone was heading towards the same goal and equally as excited about making it to Everest Base Camp. At all of the teahouses, we stayed at we ran into the same travelers and ended up making friends with some of the other groups from all over the world. We played cards with others and talked about our travels. Everything about it was so friendly and exciting. iTrek did a really fantastic job setting me up with two other travelers who were close to my age. The three of us got along fantastically and sharing the experience and becoming friends with them ended up being one of my favorite parts of the trip.

Making it to Everest Base Camp is something that I will definitely remember for the rest of my life. Being up in thin air created a challenge that I was not expecting and added a new element of difficulty. The views were incredible around every turn, friendly families ran the teahouses, the company was fantastic, our guide and porter were helpful and informative, and I was able to fulfill a dream of mine. It was truly an awesome experience for anyone with a love for the outdoors who is ready for a challenge.

For more information about trekking in the Everest region visit the iTrekNepal website


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