Kayaking the Seti River

I went on a three-day-long river-kayaking trip through Paddle Nepal down the Seti River outside of Pokhara. Because the schedule of the standard four daylong beginners clinic did not work for us, my friend and I made our own custom trip through the company where we stayed at one campsite the whole time and then drove up and down the river each day depending on which length of the river we wanted to do.

Although the company recommends doing one of the trips, we really enjoyed having the flexibility to choose our own schedule each day and adjust our itinerary depending on what we wanted to learn. We also had two guides for just the two of us, who were both wonderful and always made sure that we felt safe and were having fun.

All the company members at the campsite were courteous and helpful. We enjoyed being the only two customers at the campsite. We learned how to roll our kayaks and other forms of rescue on the first day and for the second two days, we went down the river. Luckily neither of us flipped, but we had a lot of fun racing down the rapids and talking with our guides during the scenic portions of the river.

For more information about kayaking and rafting in Nepal visit the iTrekNepal website


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