Kartik Festival Nepal

Kartik (October/November)

1. Tihar, or Diwali & Laxmi Puja: The festival of lights starts with honoring the crow, the dog, & the cow. The fourth day coincides with Newari New Year. On the fourth & fifth evenings Laxmi, the goddess of wealth & prosperity, is enticed into the home by lights. Thousands of oil lamps & candles adorn doors, windows & balconies. Brothers are feted by their sisters on the last day & honored with elaborate Tikas and garlands.

2. Haribodhani Ekadashi:- This most auspicious Ekadashi ( the 11th day of each lunar fortnight, there are 24 in a year) welcomes Vishnu back from his long summer sleep. Join worshippers at Budhanilkantha where festivities culminate as fasting devotees conclude the pilgrimage to his temples of changu Narayan, Bisankhu Narayan, Sekh Narayan & Ichangu Narayan.

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