Future of Nepal after April 25

Nepal’s FutureAbout every 70 – 80 years Nepal has been hit by a major earthquake. The great earthquake in 1934 resulted in many deaths and widespread destruction on the same scale as the current quake. After the 1934 quake, most of the damaged cultural sites were restored and Nepal soon returned to normal daily life.

Much has changed here in 81 years, but the strength, and resiliency of the Nepalese people and the enduring support of their friends from around the world are still the same. We are confident that Nepal will find the international and external resources to recover and prosper.

Bhaktapur World Heritage city

For the short term, we have canceled all of the scheduled group treks through May. We expect to resume operations in June and to be fully operational by the fall trekking season in September. We are also checking on the access roads, trails, and lodges for the Annapurna, Langtang, and Everest regions to insure that these are safe for travel and trekking.

As you might have heard there was major damage in the Langtang Valley. There has also been some lesser damage to the trails and lodges in the Everest and Annapurna regions. In addition to direct support for the recovery and Hope for the future in the faces of Nepal’s children rebuilding effort, one of the best ways to help Nepal will be to travel and trek there, either as already planned or with a different perspective.

Children in barley field Mustang

You can visit areas affected by the earthquake, hear the stories of those who have been directly affected, and bring them items from your country that they cannot easily get. Although you might find some inconvenience from damaged roads and facilities, you will mostly find a country and its people on the rise again, and happy to share with you the beauty of this remarkable country.


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