Bhaktapur Guesthouse

The Bhaktapur Guesthouse has been my home in Nepal since I arrived a week ago. With a friendly staff, delicious food, views of Bhaktapur, and simple but well-kept rooms, Bhaktapur Guesthouse is a cozy and authentic home away from home.

I have been staying in a room on the top floor where I have my own balcony and plenty of room to keep my luggage. Another joy of staying at the Guesthouse is that you are a very short walk from the Gundu Valley, which is one of the best-kept secrets of the area. Here you can hike through beautiful villages and see temples without running into any other tourists.

Although it is not located in the center of Bhaktapur, it is a short walk to town. I have found this short distance to be refreshing because it is far enough away from the traffic and noise, and close to hiking trails. It is also convenient because the iTrek office is located at the Guesthouse. This allows for wifi access, and plenty of suggestions for fun activities, and one of the staff members is usually willing to take you to one of their favorite spots.

I had the option to switch hotels and change to one in the center of Bhaktapur, but I chose to stay at this lovely Guesthouse.


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