Tibet Trekking and Tours

Posted by Andy on Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tibet has enthralled travellers for many years, enticing them with names such as ‘Shangri La’, ‘The Roof of the World’ and ‘The Land of Snows’. This dry, high-altitude desert is home to rugged, spectacular scenery dotted with glacial turquoise lakes, high mountain passes decked in colourful prayer flags, and wide pastures with nomadic yak herders. The glittering Himalayan snowcaps on a horizon set against brilliant blue skies create an impressive background for it all. Tibet is also a land of fascinating history and culture, with many ancient Buddhist monasteries, prostrating pilgrims turning prayer wheels, and warm and friendly people. Tibet guarantees adventure for both trekkers and travellers. 

The classic Tibetan journey follows the Friendship Highway from Lhasa across the wild landscape of the Tibetan plateau and down to the lush valleys of Nepal, ending in Kathmandu at the end of one of the world’s greatest road trips. In addition to stunning mountain panoramas from the road, this trip includes a short trek to the Tibetan Everest Base Camp, one of the route’s highlights.

If you just want to gain an overview of life in this fascinating land and only have a few days to spare, a cultural tour of Lhasa and the surrounding area will enable you to appreciate the dramatic, stark scenery and visit key sights, such as the Potala Palace, along with some of the more important monasteries. 

Tibet offers some of the highest trekking experiences in the world and we have included a short option from Ganden to Samye as part of a general cultural/sightseeing trip. Should you be interested in a longer trek, please contact us for more information about the many other alternatives. 

(Please note that the days and opening hours of buildings such as the Potala Palace are subject to frequent change. The sightseeing options in Lhasa are arranged in a suggested itinerary, but this may change according to the prevailing opening hours during your tour.)

For further trek information Click on your preferred trek for a description plus all itinerary details.

Overland Lhasa to Kathmandu including Everest Base Camp

15 days | Easy-Medium

This unforgettable journey through some of the world’s wildest scenery is the classic Tibetan adventure, exciting even the most seasoned travellers. Read more


A Taste of Tibet

7 days | Easy

This tour is just enough to give you a flavour of life in the area in and around the city of Lhasa, the ancient capital of Tibet and once home to the Dalai Lama. Read more


Lhasa with Ganden-Samye Trek

14 days | Medium-Hard

On this trip you will explore the city of Lhasa with its monasteries, temples and the Potala Palace. You will also enjoy a fantastic short trek across meadows, through a narrow gorge, up over high… Read more

Mustang Trek

15 days | Medium – Difficult

Although Mustang is a region of Nepal, it is one of the few remaining authentic Tibetan cultures left in the world. Read more

Kailash Trek

25 days | Medium – Hard

A unique opportunity to join an escorted trek through the remote region of Humla in Western Nepal to reach the most sacred mountain in the world – Mt Kailash, the home of Shiva. Read more

Lhasa and Nam Tso Lake

12 days | Easy-Medium

This is an ideal trip to make if you want to see the famous landmarks of Lhasa but also wish to see some of Tibet’s renowned scenic beauty. After a few days of sightseeing in the city that includes… Read more