Posted by Andy on Tuesday, November 27, 2012


ITrekNepal provides our trekking guests with Sport Berkey  filter water bottles. These bottles are the most convenient, economical, and ecologically-sensitive way to have clean, safe water available at all times throughout your stay in Nepal. All ITrekNepal guests are offered the use of a filter water bottle free of charge.

The Sports Berkey bottles feature the IONIC ABSORPTION MICRO FILTRATION SYSTEM. The bottle's filter removes and/or dramatically reduces a vast array of health-threatening contaminants from questionable sources of water, including remote lakes and streams, stagnant ponds and public water supplies. ITrekNepal staff and hundreds of our trekking guests have used Sports Berkey bottles for several years with excellent results in a wide variety of conditions, and can attest to their efficacy.

ITrekNepal is the only trekking company in Nepal that provides this unique product as a solution to the plastic bottle problem in Nepal. Thank you for supporting this effort and the efforts of the Declare movement to keep Nepal and its beautiful mountains plastic-free.

We also encourage our trekking guests to purchase their own Sports Berkey or similar bottle before arriving in Nepal as they are very helpful whenever traveling to a foreign country. For more information about the Sports Berkey bottles or to find out about purchasing a bottle please e-mail or visit this website

 Thank you for your support in keeping Nepal clean and green!!!