Food when trekking

Posted by Andy on Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Every trek includes three full meals each day, usually served in the teahouse where you’ll stay overnight, or at a teahouse along the trail for lunch. In addition to the traditional teahouse meals your guide may also bring along extra foods and special treats to complement the local meals and as pick-me-ups during the trekking day.

Your day begins with tea or coffee in your teahouse or tent. There is little better than a nice hot cup of the local brew to help you get going on a day of trekking.

Breakfast usually includes cereal, porridge, pancakes or eggs in different styles, coffee, tea and bread with jam and butter.

Lunch typically includes a choice of the local favorite “dal bhat”, chapattis, vegetable salads, soup,  beverages and local snacks. On other occasions lunch may consist of fried rice, noodles, other pasta dishes or sandwiches.

Dinner includes soup and a full hot meal including rice or potatoes, vegetables and lentils.