Customized trekking

Posted by Andy on Saturday, September 4, 2010

Solo or in a small group though never on your own

Let iTrekNepal personalize your travel adventure! With a little extra time for planning and reservations, iTrekNepal can create a unique, independent itinerary for you. Travel solo, with family and friends, or as a small group.

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As a unique feature compared to other trekking companies iTrekNepal offers individual and small group trekking rather than large scheduled group bookings. Based on our own experience, individual and small group trekking is a considerably better way to go.

iTrekNepal’s small group approach gives you a far more enjoyable holiday without adding significant cost. Everyday is flexible and trekking will be at your own pace rather than that of the slowest in the group. You will be able to schedule your trekking dates to match your schedule. With individually or small group trekking you can stop longer on the trek for a view or a stay in a hot spring! Furthermore we are able to offer preference on hot water and the best tea house rooms along the trail, with one of our porters arriving ahead each day. Other benefits are air travel within Nepal (not long bus rides), new sleeping equipment (not worn-out equipment), a varied diet/meals (not the standard fare of large groups), However, you will never be on your own. When stopping for lunch or for the night you can enjoy the company of other trekkers whenever you like.

In order for iTrekNepal to create an individual adventure experience based on your requirements simply fill in the customized trekking form and we will reply as soon as possible. If you have specific questions or a need to talk to us personally either email us, call the telephone number on our home page, or if you prefer leave us a phone number where we can contact you. We will provide you very personal service for trouble-free adventure travel.