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Posted by Andy on Friday, August 27, 2010

Nepal conjures up stunning vistas of spectacular mountain scenery unlike anywhere else on Earth. Snowcapped peaks, awe-inspiring valleys, daunting ice-covered ramparts. There is also another Nepal, one bursting with history and culture; ancient cities tucked away on mountain passageways and holy places in forested valleys. Our expert English-speaking guides show you the Nepal that time left behind, the land that gave birth to one of the world’s most inspired religions. We take you to the very centre of Buddhism, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama. Along the way you’ll visit other World Heritage cities and charming mountain villages that evoke the splendor and charm of Nepal’s distant past.

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Private Kathmandu Valley City Cultural Tour

1 day – 1 night

If you opt to visit the UNESCO world heritage sites around Kathmandu we will take you to the Patan Durbar Square complex, explore the magnificent city of Bhaktapur and visit the old Hindu temple of Changu. Included in this tour is all private… Read more

Private Nepal Ancient City Cultural Tour

6 days

iTrekNepal offers a wide variety of nature and cultural treks that showcase the wonders of Nepal. Some of our guests desire an opportunity to explore closer the hidden treasure of this enchanting land, its ancient cities…Read more

Private Kathmandu Valley Temple Tour

Half day

Home to some of the cultures and religions that have shaped the philosophical outlook of the civilized world for the last thousand years… Read more